The Poussin Project, located in the San Juan district inside the Mixcoac neighborhood in Mexico City, consists of four townhouses.

Located in a historic neighborhood, known for its emblematic buildings from different periods, these townhouses offer their residents a functional space that meets their daily needs.

This complex was conceived with an emphasis on the quality of the materials, originality, and non-disruption to the environment in which they are located.

Each townhouse has a construction area of approximately 170 m2 on three levels, within a 220 m2 lot.

The interior spaces extend and merge with the adjoining courtyards of the houses, blurring the boundary between the two and creating multifunctional spaces of great amplitude.

The exterior areas, such as the courtyards and roof terraces, are designed to ensure the privacy of its residents.


Year: 2020
Status: In Progress

Location: Mexico City
Total Construction Area: 900 m2