The Parral Building is located on a small lot of land in the Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City.

Composed of two dwellings, this building blends into the urban fabric harmoniously and stands out for its unique design and functional planning.

By considering the virtues of the Condesa neighborhood-undoubtedly one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the city.

A concrete volume divided in two was conceived to take advantage of the land on which this building is located. Thus, one of the dwellings faces the street and the other faces the interior of the site.

Circulations are the common thread of this project: an open floor plan and a double staircase that overlaps, but is not shared, will accommodate the movement of its residents.

The architectural personality of this project is characterized by the composition of openings in close relation to the use of the spaces and the creation of a façade that presents a scale closer to the domestic.

Thus, the Parral Building will allow its residents to live in full connection with the neighborhood, without sacrificing the privacy of the apartments and their spaces.


Year: 2020
Status: Built
Execution: 11 months

Location: Mexico City
Total Construction Area: 340 m2