The Entre Pinos project, comprised of five houses that emerge from the soil, is located on a +6,400 m2 wooded lot in Valle de Bravo.

The perfect harmony between architecture and nature is the hallmark of this project created with the highest quality local materials and local labor.

The earth extracted to lay the foundations of the houses was reused to finish the walls. 

The straight lines of the houses coexist in a balance with the complex network of trees and foliage that surrounds them.

The stillness of the buildings engages in a dialogue with the movement of the trees and the vegetation.

All the houses have the same characteristics. Their distinctive aesthetic respects the natural environment in which they are located.

The spaces of each house were conceived to provide privacy to its residents without isolating them from their surroundings. 

This project combines the exterior spaciousness of the forest with the intimacy of the interior spaces.


Year: 2017
Project: 5 Houses
Status: Built

Execution: 14 months
Location: Valle de Bravo, Estado de México
Total Construction Area: 2000 m2